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Welcome to After Hours Exposed dot com! I have been shooting videos of amateur local girls for the past 18 years, for my main site Nebraska Coeds. Over the years, and still once in awhile, the girls that I shoot using dildos, drinking and partying naked, sometimes end up fucking and sucking me, my camera guys, and/or my friends on video… I have never published these videos before now, but after some long and hard thought, I decided to go ahead and post these dark and dirty home videos for you guys to enjoy on this new site! Well, to be fair, I actually started this site after hours exposed back in 2009… It became very popular, but then so many of the videos caused so many problems with so many of the girls… I received so many death threats from boyfriends, girls calling me crying because their private sex video is now online and all of their friends have watched it, ETC ETC ETC… But I decided that you guys deserve to see these videos.. The girls sign paperwork allowing me to publish all the video I shoot, and they all know that I, or we are filming the Fucking and Sucking that they are doing… I want you guys to see this shit! I update this site every 1 or 2 weeks with a new fresh video, by hand. ALL of these videos are EXCLUSIVE to After Hours Exposed, only. you will not find this anywhere else on the net.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments at necoeds@gmail.com, I respond very quickly to all mail. and I always value the feedback of my payment site members

Latest Site Updates
Pussy Licking Beautiful Real Life Sisters With Closeups Of The Action
Becky Berry, Tasha 07/04/2018
One of the hottest videos, if not the hottest video, I've ever shot... two real life sisters licking each others pussy, reliving childhood lesbian experiments with eachother... complete with scissoring, fingering, gaping, and real female orgasms...

Tags: 18 years old, 23 years old, amateur, ass licking
Selena 20th Birthday Blowjob Her Big Tits Get My Cum Fountain Notateen Anymore
Selena 06/27/2018
Selena has some of the best tits I've ever had the pleasure to touch in my life! Super fucking huge and perky! Anyway, it was her birthday today, and she needed to go work on her birthday, so I bought her a birthday cake and had her over to my apartment on her way to work! She was so happy that she gave me a nice blowjob and let me cum on her huge rack!

Tags: 20 years old, amateur, ball licking, Big Tits
Not A Virgin Anymore Sharlotte Letting Me Finger And Lick Her Tiny Axe Wound
Sharlotte 06/20/2018
Sharlotte used to come over to my place every once in a while to mess around, usually only to masturbate... but this time she came by and was horny enough to let me finger her and go down on her! Even partially gaping her tiny almost virgin pussy :D

Tags: 18 years old, amateur, camel toe, Camera Guy Involved
Rebeka Letting Me Gently Finger Her To Hard Real Female Crying Orgasm
Rebeka 06/13/2018
Young Rebecca is all warmed up and ready for action by the time she's done showing off her slender figure and hot ass. After pulling her clothes aside to flash her full tits and juicy bald pussy, the cum hungry coed gets naughty with my magic fingers and a glass dildo.

Tags: amateur, bedroom masturbation, Brunette, Camera Guy Involved
Blonde Lucia First Ever On Camera Blowjob Cum On Lips And In Hair
Lucia 06/06/2018
Lucia is such a sensual lover kind of girl... very fun and open minded, so I asked her if she would like to make a blowjob video with me, and this is the result :D

Tags: 23 years old, ball licking, ball sucking, Blonde
Awesome Real Life Sisters Becky Berry And Tasha Going Crazy Late Night With A Strapon Dildo
Becky Berry, Tasha 05/30/2018
The sisters are back again, this time they are getting dirtier and wilder and nastier than before... So they had to put on some masquerade masks so they could feel more free! They used a strapon dildo and fucked eachother mad!

Tags: 18 years old, 22 years old, amateur, Ass spanking
Teen Anusha Giving Me A Great Handjob And Some Licking Back Cum Explosion
Anusha 05/23/2018
This is one of my favorite models of all time... She's so skinny hot and sensual! She also loves hip hop and r&b music! I am still really trying to talk this girl into giving me a blowjob, but until then, she is cool with giving me a handjob sometimes on camera... on this day I blew a HUGE load all over her back .... I've gotten alot of handjobs over the years, but this girl is the best i've ever had. no joke.

Tags: 18 years old, amateur, bareley 18, Brunette
Samanta Crazy Suck Fuck Party On A Cruise Ship Late Night
Samanta 05/16/2018
Samanta has the kind of eyes that make your cock stand up in attention. And if on top of it these gorgeous eyes look into yours while she is sucking your dick, nothing will guarantee that you won’t cum right away.

Tags: amateur, ball licking, ball sucking, Blonde
Andy Teen All Tatted Up At My New Flat Sucking And Facial
Andy Teen 05/09/2018
this tiny spinner emo hot chick andy teen is fucking awesome... like a little sex toy to just play with anytime you want to ... she is a web cam girl sometimes, and goes by the name "andy teen" ... in this video, it was the day before she moved to London, and she said she hadn't had a facial in some years... so I blew my load on her face... I had just fucked my girlfriend, so my load was small, but it was still great

Tags: 18 years old, balcony, ball licking, ball sucking
Selena Last Days Of Being A Teenager First Time Giving Handjob Blowjob Titty Cum
Selena 05/02/2018
It isn't Selena's first time in front of the camera, but it is her first time giving handjob/blowjob. She says that she is new to all this, but the way she grabs a cock hints otherwise. The sexy coed sucks on my dick like a pro. See for yourself.

Tags: amateur, bedroom masturbation, Big Tits, Black hair
Barely 18 Anusha Gives Her First Ever Handjob And Cum Oh Her Perky Puffy Nipples
Anusha 04/25/2018
this girl is one of my favorites, and so when she agreed to give me a hand job on camera after I filmed her masturbating, i was elated! Barely 18 year old body being rubbed against my dick until i blow my load all over her tits... this girl really likes to use her own spit as lube, so I'm going to keep shooting her and keep trying to get a blowjob video with her... maybe even some sex or anal sex, who knows

Tags: 18 years old, bareley 18, Brunette, Cum on Tits
Girl Becky Berry Cruise Ship To Sweden Blowjob Too Drunk To Cum
Becky Berry 04/18/2018
Stunning coed Becky Berry is bored and lonely as she waits for cruise ship from Stockholm to return home. It's only after she decides to take matters into her own capable hands when arrive, just in time for a sexy good time. Becky Berry sets the mood by taking my cock in her mouth, licking and sucking until its hard as a rock.

Tags: amateur, ball licking, ball sucking, Blowjob
Me Going Down On 18yo Tasha And Finger Blasting Her To 3 Real Female Orgasms
Tasha 04/04/2018
Fooling around in bed with glass dildo gets raunchy for 18 years old Tasha when I start taking off her clothes and playing with perky tits! The sexy spinner doesn't argue when I push her down onto a bed that puts her creamy pussy in perfect licking position, allowing me to eat and finger her bald pussy out to its fullest. Just look how my magic tongue and fingers allow her to reach 3 real female orgasms.

Tags: 18 years old, amateur, bedroom masturbation, Blonde
22yo Super Shy Sarah Giving Me Handjob Titty Cumshot After Shoot
Sarah 2 03/28/2018
sarah is a waitress at one of my favorite chill restaurants... she only works summers, and she doesn't remember me from the previous season, but I definitely remember her and her sexy body! she was very shy actually when i mentioned that I would love to get a hand job from her, after filming her masturbate... and she said she was cool with it, so I just took my pants off and started right in :D I hope she does a blowjob for me someday... but until then, enjoy this nice handjob video....

Tags: 23 years old, amateur, Cum on Tits, European
Tiny Teen Samanta Nice Evening Beer Blowjob And Swallow
Samanta 03/21/2018
Samanta stopped by for a beer. It was late and I had been working all day on site related projects. So I joined her with a beer too. Samanta is the horniest girl I know. She never turns down an offer of sex of any kind. When I ask her to if she wanted a little foam on top of her beer she accepted the offer. Nothing like a load of cum with a beer chaser!

Tags: amateur, Blonde, Blowjob, Camera Guy Involved
18 year old Goth Girl Andy Teen Sucking Me Off Cum Covered Tits Piercings Tattooss
Andy Teen 03/14/2018
Little cam girl "andy teen" is one of the local girls who does webcam videos for some extra money... this girl is pretty rad... and it's funny because at the beginning of the videos she made with me this day, she was clear that I was not allowed to touch her, or her boyfriend would be pissed off... YET by the end of the time we were hanging out, I just asked if she could give me a blowjob on video, and she said ok, without hesitation! I'm glad she did! ALSO I found out something extra cool about this chick.. She's also friends with samanta, the bleached blonde chick also on my sites... SO we are now all talking in a facebook group chat trying to workout a nice threesome lesbian fucking machine 4 some fuck night with me and the 2 girls :D So enjoy this video, and stay tuned for the next one!

Tags: 18 years old, amateur, ball licking, ball sucking
More Fucking Insane Sister Love Using Double Ended Dildo
Becky Berry, Tasha 03/07/2018
Sisters Becky Berry and Tasha have a brand new toy that they would like to try out, but before they can they must first get each other's pussies wet and juicy to take a big dildo. They exchange kisses as they work to get each other naked. When they decide that they are ready, the pick up their double-ended dildo and turn their backs to each other so that they can enjoy some doggy style penetration as they each thrust their hips.

Tags: amateur, Blonde, Close-Ups, couch masturbation
Hot Valentines Day Fuck With Beautiful 20yo Candice With Cum In Her Mouth
Candice 02/21/2018
I really wanna call this one my all favorite valentine special. This girl came back home horny, drunk and all she's got to offer is quickie on my couch. I let her around the apartment naked before we started fucking and she was amazingly friendly. watch her sucking and fucking me on the couch in my living room!!

Tags: 20 years old, amateur, Ass spanking, ball licking
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