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Welcome to After Hours Exposed dot com! I have been shooting videos of amateur local girls for the past 18 years, for my main site Nebraska Coeds. Over the years, and still once in awhile, the girls that I shoot using dildos, drinking and partying naked, sometimes end up fucking and sucking me, my camera guys, and/or my friends on video… I have never published these videos before now, but after some long and hard thought, I decided to go ahead and post these dark and dirty home videos for you guys to enjoy on this new site! Well, to be fair, I actually started this site after hours exposed back in 2009… It became very popular, but then so many of the videos caused so many problems with so many of the girls… I received so many death threats from boyfriends, girls calling me crying because their private sex video is now online and all of their friends have watched it, ETC ETC ETC… But I decided that you guys deserve to see these videos.. The girls sign paperwork allowing me to publish all the video I shoot, and they all know that I, or we are filming the Fucking and Sucking that they are doing… I want you guys to see this shit! I update this site every 1 or 2 weeks with a new fresh video, by hand. ALL of these videos are EXCLUSIVE to After Hours Exposed, only. you will not find this anywhere else on the net.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments at necoeds@gmail.com, I respond very quickly to all mail. and I always value the feedback of my payment site members

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Young Areana Spent The Night At My Place And Blew Me And Swallowed Wake Up And Suck
Areana 07/17/2019

Teen Ieva Blindfolds Amanda Rough Lesbian Sex To Real Orgasm
Amanda Virgin, Ieva 07/10/2019

Blondie Teen Alina Afternoon Delight Titjob Blowjob Cum Swallow Massive Mammaries
Alina 06/26/2019

Teen Jete First Forest Blowjob And Mouth Cum Drool
Jete 06/19/2019

19yo Amanda Blindfolds Ieva And Fucks Her Hard With A Double Ended Dildo
Amanda Virgin, Ieva 06/12/2019

Nerdy Skinny Teens Ieva And Jete Painful Pussy Play With Clothes Pins
Ieva, Jete 05/29/2019

Tiny 19yo Teen Sera Ann Handjob Blowjob 69 Cum Taste
Sera Ann 05/15/2019
Sera Ann is one super tiny spinner girl that I love fuckin' around with... She has a super super tiny body, tiny pussy, tiny tits, tiny mouth, tiny everything!... I finally talked her into giving me a handjob, then blowjob, then letting me cum in her mouth even! and I loved the 69 part, because her pussy is extra sweet!

Tags: 18 years old, amateur, babe, ball licking
Nice Afternoon Bj Mouthcum And Choke On My Nasty Cum With Becky Berry Peeing
Becky Berry 05/08/2019
I was bored and texting Becky... She was out for coffee somewhere near with one of her friends, so she stopped over afterwards, and this video is the result!... first she pee's then sucks me dry in my living room... Becky is one of my all time favorite girls, not only does she do a great job when she's helping me film, but she's one of those rare girls that actually knows how to give head! FUCK. YES.

Tags: babe, ball licking, ball sucking, Big Tits
Flashback To Directors Cut Long Lost Spring Break Fuck With 18yo Kendra
Kendra 05/01/2019

Barely 18yo Mia Glowstick Pussy Stretch Blowjob Mouth Cum Ball Suck
Mia 04/24/2019
Mia last came over to my place like 6 months ago, and we finished her masturbation shoot with a blowjob... This time, she came over to do some extra dirty glow stick strange object pussy stuffing videos, but she let me help her with my fingers, and after just like 7 minutes, I had pulled my dick out and her sweet teen tongue and hole was eagerly and lovingly licking and sucking my hard dick... she finishes off by swallowing my man milk... she told me afterwards that she loves feeling my balls emptying down her throat! Hot fucking girl... after another couple months i'll be inviting her over again, for sure!

Tags: 18 years old, amateur, ball sucking, bareley 18
Double Blowjob By Olga And Marissa Tattoo Lesbians Need Dick Too Lots Of Ball Sucking
Andy Teen, Marissa 04/17/2019
there's nothing I dreamt about more growing up, than two super hot teens with their wet mouths around my hard cock, sucking and begging for my man milk on their eager tongues... Thankfully, I chose making dirty videos... because this previous dream of mine, is a pretty regular fact of life... Olga always knows how to suck start a lawn mower, sucks my boiled jizz straight out of my balls... but this other girl, who i met at a liquor store down the street, both fucking sucked me like champs... I even had to jerk off while editing this video... hot shit

Tags: amateur, babe, ball licking, ball sucking
Blonde Hube Boobed 18yo Stunner Titty Fuck Mouthcum Morning After Party
Alina 04/10/2019
Alina is one of my favorite girls of all time... and every time she comes over to my place, she's getting more and more dirty, and more and more cum hungry for hot man milk... I love her huge double d tits and dark ass tan lines... tan lines actually are one of the hottest thing ever on a chick, in my opinion... she sucks and sucks and sucks the cum deep from in my balls.... I totally emptied my entire load down her throat, and she swallowed with a smile

Tags: 18 years old, amateur, babe, ball licking
Tiny Spinner Teen Sera Ann Gyno Speculum Gape And Letting Me Go Down
Sera Ann 04/03/2019
This girl was like a little freak who just wanted to come out of her little sexual shell... she only came for 2 days of shooting at my apartment, and by the second day i finally got a blowjob from her.... BUT, this video was still on the first day that she came over... She wouldn't touch my dick too much, but she did let me finger her and go down on her tiny little pussy.... I give her a nice little female orgasm, and after the 2 days of filming with me, she found jesus and swore to never film again... girls.

Tags: 18 years old, amateur, bareley 18, behind the scenes
Barely 18yo Blonde Blue Eyed Highschool Beauty Sucking Me Off Cum Play Bj Swallow
Mia 03/27/2019
super nervous blonde hair blue eyed teen girl came over and did a few nude videos for my other sites, and was horny enough by the end to agree to take my cock out and suck on it for a little while... she even plays with my cum at the end!

Tags: 18 years old, ball licking, ball sucking, bareley 18
19yo Jete Blowjob And Fucking Really Hot Closeups And Cum Taste Enjoying
Jete 03/20/2019
I was bored, it was new years day, and I wanted to fuck.. so I texted one model, 19yo teen Jeta, and she was also feeling horny,... so without any planning at all, and only like 30 min after I had the idea, my dick was balls deep into this girls gash... really awesome and sweaty video!

Tags: 19 years old, amateur, babe, ball licking
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